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Trademark Guideline

PanPages Trademarks and Brands Guideline.

PanPages’s trademarks and brands are PanPages‍‍‍ intellectual property and it is extremely important and valuable assets of the corporation as it represent the standard of excellence and consistent quality associated with PanPages. Hence, trademarks must be used properly. This page contains information for using PanPages’s trademarks and brands properly.

Please refer to the guideline before using any PanPages mark and logo.

Using PanPages Trademarks

It is important to get PanPages trademark or product name right. You may use PanPages trademarks or product names to refer to PanPages products and services as long as you met the requirements in this guide line. Your use must be truthful, fair, and not misleading as to any PanPages sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your company, or of your products or services.

If you are referring to any of PanPages product or services, please have the trademark and brand written correctly. Here are some example of PanPages trademarks and product names:

Correct trademarks and product names:

- PanPages
- Super Pages
- Google AdWords
- PAN 360°

Incorrect trademarks and product names:

- Panpages
- Pan Pages
- Alibaba
- Google Adwords
- Pan360°

Use Trademark or Logo Notice:

You May:

  • Insert PanPages branding and logos on your website, which satisfy the other Guidelines.
  • Clearly distinguish any PanPages marks, including any link to any PanPages web site, from the content on your site.
  • Follow the Brand Identity requirements whenever displaying a PanPages logo.
  • Use any PanPages mark or logo as a link to the PanPages service & products, in a manner that satisfies the other Guidelines.
  • Use the PanPages mark or logo to show that your event/exhibition that associate with PanPages.

You May Not:

  • Use any PanPages trademarks as your product name, service name, or company name.
  • Use product, service, or company names that could be confused with any PanPages trademark.
  • Register a domain containing PanPages (or misspellings of PanPages).
  • Apply for a trademark with a name including PanPages.
  • Make unlicensed use of PanPages’s licensed logos. Third-party use of PanPages logos requires a license or written permission from PanPages. If you are interested in obtaining a license to use PanPages logo on website and in advertising materials, please contact
  • Make changes on any PanPages logo. All logos must be in the original colour without adding any effects and colour adjustments. For Example: PanPages logo must always be in red and white with the ® logo on it. (High resolution file is provided upon request.)

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  • Use the marks in a way that might imply PanPages partnership with, or endorsement of, your product or business.
  • Distort or alter the PanPages marks in any way.
  • Use the marks in a way that confuses the PanPages brand with your brand or any other brand.
  • Use any PanPages branding & logo in connection with any illegal activity.




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